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About Me, Hana

 I am devoted to providing driven individuals with tools to source safety, confidence, and fulfillment within.

My experience stems from my involvement in the coaching industry since early 2021, where I have primarily worked as an in-house business psychologist (M.Sc.) and coach for prominent companies in the Crypto industry.

Through my own personal inner work, I soon came to the realization that focusing solely on mindset work is a limited approach. Lasting transformation materializes when we incorporate our body and subconscious.

For this reason, I am now merging psychosomatics, bodywork, and integral trauma facilitation with my academic psychological knowledge in my 1:1 approach.

My corporate experience revealed that many successful individuals grapple with emotional disconnect, leading to unclear self-expression and unhealthy coping habits. This insight inspired the creation of 'Echoes of Self,' a program designed to help you reconnect with your emotional world, leave behind self-destructive patterns, and foster fulfillment.