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R. | Germany

"Hana embodies a perfect blend of strong competence and the necessary sensitivity required for this work, executing it with heartfelt passion.
Her insights, advice, and recommendations were instrumental in seaminglessly integrating my newfound insights, for which I am deeply grateful."

J. | US

"I highly recommend Hana. In our 1:1 sessions she was very approachable, intelligent and professional. Her  holistic approach has helped me in navigating my career transition, day to day tasks, and personal relationships. Hana's coaching has helped me live a more efficient, balanced, and stress free life and has been a sigificant factor in my success."


I. | Portugal

"Thank you so much Hana for the experience. The way you built it was perfect, very gentle approach with full presence and expertise allowed me to feel totally safe and free to release what needs to be unlocked.
So much was cleaned, never had a similar experience before with such powerful results. Grateful to have you."


If you answered YES to any of the above,

then Echoes of Self is made FOR YOU.

This is your invitation to shift from a life directed by external stimuli and impulsive decisions to living in integrity and the present moment with a clear vision. 

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About Me, Hana

I am devoted to providing you with tools to source safety, confidence, and fulfillment within.

My journey in this industry started in early 2021, where I have primarily worked as an in-house business psychologist (M.Sc.) and coach for prominent companies in the Crypto industry.

I met many (like MANY) unhappy overthinkers, analytic minds trying to find logic in everything - while being cut off from their intuition and body.

I want to be honest, there was a time in my life when I overthought everything and struggled with severe anxiety and panic attacks myself. Those times are over; I don't remember the last time anxiety overwhelmed me. And no, it wasn't mindset work that got me out of it.

Through my own personal inner work, I soon came to the realization that focusing solely on mindset work is a limited approach. Lasting transformation materializes when we incorporate our body and subconscious.

For this reason, I am now merging psychosomatics, bodywork, and integral trauma facilitation with my academic psychological knowledge in my 1:1 approach.

My experience made me realize how many individuals grapple with emotional disconnect, leading to unclear self-expression and unhealthy coping habits. This inspired the creation of 'Echoes of Self,' a program designed to help you reconnect with your emotional world, leave behind self-destructive patterns, and foster fulfillment within (the one you FEEL deep in your bones).

Echoes of Self is a 3 month commitment to reconnect with your emotional world and break through self-destructive patterns. 


‚ústAccess to my Online Plattform.
The content coveres a range of resources, including educative videos, reading material, meditations and tools to self-sooth. All in one place.

‚ústReflection & Tool Guide.¬†
This guide will nudge you into self-reflection as it's filled with thought-provoking questions, crafted to complement our weekly Sessions. 

‚úď Weekly 90-Minute Calls.
While we discuss upcoming reflections, a significant portion involves guided somatic work to access your subconscious and leverage your body's intelligence. 

‚úď Support via Telegram.
In addition to the weekly calls, access to me will be provided via telegram troughout the week, for any questions or sharings that may arise during the program.


Attention: EOS is not only a self-optimization program. The three months will bring up old wounds that we will look at. During our time together, we will nurture a deep sense of self-trust and confidence, along with a profound feeling of groundedness and safety within your body. 

This will empower you to confidently step into a new chapter in your life.


I'm ready to take the leap!


 S. | Germany

"6 months of EOS are over. 6 months of hard work and dedication with incredible results. Looking back at the beginning of my journey last December, my life and particularly inner emotional world looked quite different. It hasn’t always been easy but it was so very worth it. I’ve learned a lot, faced my deepest fears and overcome the biggest challenge for me personally. Ive reached all my goals and am able to understand and regulate my emotions. I've seen major changes within myself and emotional inner world. I will definitely continue to do the work and engage in the practices Hana has taught me. She is an amazing coach and was there for me every step of the way, supporting me in every little or big decision I’ve had to make. I was always looking forward to talk to her and enjoyed every session feeling so much better afterwards. I’ve come so far and am so looking forward to this new chapter of my life - being a whole new me."

 B. | Portugal

"Hana could truly understand what I am going through, in levels that very few people ever could. 

Hana is very professional, she fully locks in her work and manages to be 100% present. It was very touching to feel and sense that someone comprehends, sees and feels your pain and struggles, and at the same time brings you to your strengths and positives and takes you out of the loop you're in.

I hope you dedicate a big part of your life to this, because a lot of people need this and in my humble opinion you have a gift, and I would advise this therapy to most of the people in my life"

 E. | Germany

"This was one of the most effective experiences to actually realize how strong my emotional pain lives inside of me. And to feel into the physical and emotional pain so deeply was one of the most impactful experiences I ever had.

I'm so motivated to work on myself now. The way you guided me with your calmness, love and safety was so beautiful, I trusted you fully although I was so afraid. And I don't remember the last time I trusted someone this deeply. I could completely let go. Thank you."

 K. | US

"By combining her knowledge and compassion, Hana guided me through sessions that have left resonating peace within me. The breathwork and meditations were guided in a very cohesive flow, and her gentle approach allowed me to progress with ease. As a beginner, this was very helpful and appreciated. 

Her impact has been helping me for weeks following my first session. The clarity has resulted in me being more compassionate with myself, finding time to ground myself, and heal in resonating ways. For this, no words can express my gratitude. 

I feel a shift in my energy when I walk, in the way I‚Äôve been approaching the different facets in my life, and in handling difficult situations.¬†This is an invaluable part of my life now‚ÄĒa practice I will find time to do. Hana‚Äôs sessions continue to help me heal myself and guide me into the woman I want to become¬†in¬†this¬†life."

  L. | Germany

"Hana made me feel safe and seen in a way I can't describe! I always had the feeling, that she really wants to help and that she understands me deeply! I was able to let go of so much pain. I'm forever grateful for this experience and the conversations. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your healing art and for being yourself! You are a gift to the world!"

In closing...

This program is not a magic pill or a quick fix. Over these three months, you will need to consistently show up, confront your shadows, and often break through shame and self-limiting beliefs. 

Let me be honest with you: It is not for those simply seeking to rid themselves of uncomfortable emotions.

If you are realizing that you are not tapping into the full potential of how vibrant life can be, it is time to embrace discomfort first. And this program is your invitation to do so in a safe and guided environment.

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“Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate.‚ÄĚ

Carl G. Jung

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